Heights of Brutality , Harshness of a mother harassing in laws for want of property in her name and dominating in laws family with her cruel actions . Even tried to kill child before and take full control of family. The gender biased laws like 498a , DV are the motivation – iCOM & CRA NGO. Soon a change is must 

If this menace has to be controlled wicked women like this should be brought into radar of string gent laws

The same.motjer in the video have also tried to kill the kid before and a case has allready been filed before in 5 years of marriage. But police compromised the matter.
Point is why it should be compromised it should have been punishment for such women in first place . How can a women be allowed to tortire entire family like this. She is so cruel and violent she should have been jailed earlier only .
Even leniency towards women in law and courts should be stopped and more gender equal society should be encouraged with fare laws.


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