Himachal Showcase Tableau on Republic Day January 26, 2017 in Grand Parade New Delhi

Himachal Showcase Tableau on Republic Day January 26, 2017 in Grand Parade New Delhi
A tableau from Himachal Pradesh will be part of the 68th Republic Day after a gap of three years. This time, the tableau will present the state’s traditional art form – the Chamba Rumal
Officials claim Chamba Rumal is the finest specimen of Pahari art form which flourished in Chamba Town of Himachal Pradesh during the 18th century. A hand woven satin cloth is embroidered with untwisted silken thread in double stitch that appears same on both sides known as ‘Dorukha’.
It is a common item of gifts during marriages or celebrations with detailed patterns in bright and pleasing colour schemes. The most common themes inspired by Pahari Miniature Paintings on them are Krishna’s Raasleela, Chaupad, Shikaar and Mahabharata etc. The product has been registered for protection under Intellectual Property Rights Agreements in 2007, officials added.
The tableau has a statue of a lady doing embroidery on Chamba Rumal in the front. The middle section shows Raasleela – a dance performance of Radha and Lord Krishna alongwith gopis. The women of Chamba engaged in traditional embroidery work on Chamba Rumal are also shown in this section. The big Millennium Gate of Chamba town adorns at the rear portion of the tableau.
It was way back in 2013 when the tableau from the state was showcased on Republic Day depicting the life of people in tribal Kinnaur district. In 2007, the tableau depicted the monasteries and monks of Lahaul and Spiti. In 1998, the tableau showcased Kullu Dusshera celebrations and the chariot of Lord Raghunatha while in 1993, tableau showing a tourist enjoying snowfall had won an award, sources said.




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