Our Life is too short for ..

​Our life as humans is too short for dull, ill & demotivating thoughts. Grudges are a a perfect waste of true happiness. We should laugh when we can, apologise when we should & let it go what we can’t change. We should always love deeply and forgive quickly & take all chances life offers us for improvement. We should not let anything stick to us if its bothering us be it is tentions or problems & release everything that brings us anxiety and fight problems with valour. We should never have any regrets and never we should fail to grab new opportunities life brings to us. Life is too short to be unhappy. We have to take good with the bad. Smile when we are sad. Love deeply what we got from God & parents and our intimates. We should always remember what we had. Always forgive but never forget the odd reasons and people. Never should we fail to learn from our mistakes & we should never regret. A journey of thousand miles starts with one step ”. 

– SunDeep Bhardwaj CURATED MEDIA TV


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