श्री माधो राय शोभा यात्रा जलेब मण्डी शिवरात्रि 24 Feb – 2 Mar 2017 Shri Madho Rai Shobha Yatra Jaleb Mandi Shivratri 2017 LIVE VIDEOS 4K Ultra HD Full HD Aerial Cinematic HDR Circular Panaromic VIDEOS & Dual Pixel Raw MEDIA PRODUCTION , CURATION , PUBLISHING & WEB CASTING & MEDIA BR OADCASTING by SDBWP & Curated Media TV 26 Live Streams On Demand Catch Up TV via DC Mandi YouTube From 1st day till date. Only Full HD Teaser available online and few HD clips on SDBWP YouTube . For Aerial UHD , FHD , 4k , 360° VR Media contact Curated Media TV or SDBWP ™

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Teaser in Full HD Shirt Clips in HD ( From Curated Media TV & SDBWP Higher Quality avialble only on request ) and Live in SD Quality from DC Mandi Youtube. 4K UHD Full HD HD Cinematic Aerial HDR Circular Panaromic 360° VR also available on request. Online Available only Quick Edits done on mobile tablet while.on the go.

Jaleb Shri Madho Rai Shobha Yatra in Mandi Himachal India Himalayas

Live Streams On Demand Catch Up TV via DC Mandi YouTube FROM first day till date 20+ Videos Live

2000+ Bajantri’s बजंतरीयों Made a Limca Book of World Record by breaking there own record set up last year with efforts of District Administration DC Mandi Sandeep Kadam , ADM Vivek Chandel , Volunteers , People of Mandi and most importantly Bajantri’s who made it possible. 
Teaser New watch at 

Fast Mix on mobile device on the go no PP . 

Mandi Shivratri International Fair 2017 Jaleb Procession at Stage near Indira Market .. Shot by SunDeep Bhardwaj World Productions SDBWP 

WORLD IS MY STUDIO http://wp.me/p8e2AE-8T

for Curated Media TV only HD available online . Contact Curated Media TV for 4K UHD Full HD & Aerial 360 VR footage

Mandi Shivratri Festival Media 

Jaleb Video Teaser : 

Short Clips :

LIVE : Couresy DC Mandi YouTube Live 


Watch Night Performances and Day Cultural programmes online here :

4th Cultural Night Live at 

Shobha Yatra Live 

Second Jaleb from Mandi Live

Second Jaleb from ITI Chowk Live 

Jaleb from Seri Manch Live 

Second Jaleb from Paddal Mandi Live 

Third Cultural Night Shivratri Live

Mandi Shivratri Second Cultural Night 

Mandi Shivratri Dev Dhwani Live 

Second Cultural Night Live 

Second Cultural Night Live

Paddal Day Programme Live

Dev Dhwani Live B

Dev Dhwani Live A

Shivratri First Cultural Night C

Shivratri First Cultural Night B

Shivratri First Cultural Night A

Live web cam DC Office 

Jaleb Mandi Shivratri Live 

ITI Chowk Live 

Paddal Live 

First Jaleb Seri Manch Live

Shivratri Jaleb from ITI Chowk 


Live webcast from DC Office

Shivratri Pooja Baba Bhootnath Temple Live 

Facebook Pages & Events
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Do Join event at https://www.facebook.com/events/412908425718474/?ti=cl
JALEB / SHOBHA YATRA Shri Madho Rai ( Lord Vishnu ) & Lord Shiva Bhootnath Temples . Protector Diety of Mandi
Do Join event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1845154375773365/?ti=cl
Dev Dhwani ( Bajantri ) A new Limca Book of Record to be set by District Administration and People of Mandi where this time 2000+ Artists ( Bajantri’s ) perform at a single place at same time.
Do Join event at : https://www.facebook.com/events/1754282944888872/?ti=cl me
Dev Dhwani Event at Mandi Shivratri International Festival , A Limca Book Record set up in 2016 Mandi Shivratri International Fair to be broken this time with Artists ( Baijantri ) numbering between 1700-2000 performing at one place at one time & a new record to be set up again at same event and place in Mandi Himachal.
Shobha Yatra or Jaleb of Madho Rai ( Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva of the Bhootnath Temple, The Protector Diety of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh in Indian Himalayas 
Jaleb Event organised on date 25 Jan 2017 this time in morning from Madho Rai Temple through Indira Market Stage area to New Bridge and then forward to Paddal Grounds at Mandi Shivratri International Fair 2017

Dev Dhwani Mandi Shivratri – A Limca Book of Records event organised in 2016 to be re organised on 26 Jan 2017 in Mandi Himachal Himalayas where 2000+ Artists ( Bajantri’s ) perform at one place and time .


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Wonderful Designed Invitations card to Mandi Locals and Tourists courtesy DC Mandi Facebook

श्री मधो राय शोभा यात्रा ( जलेब ) Shri Madho Rai Shobha Yatra ( Jaleb ) Mandi Shivratri Festival HP

A teaser video of Bajantri’s performing also about to release by Curated Media TV affiliated to SDBWP SunDeep Bhardwaj World Productions
A Curated Media TV Presentation

Media Curation & Web Casting , Web Broadcasting 

SDBWP SunDeep Bhardwaj World Productions


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