7-7-17 AAKRITA BHARDWAJ ( NAYELI ) आकृता भारद्वाज ( नायली ) wish you a VERY HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY

Today there is essence of my grace

The cheer in my demeanor
Because it’s Nayeli Aakrita Bhardwaj’s 3rd Birthday
That we will cherish lifelong
A day for great celebration
When a sensible & intelligent girl was born
I still remember how you would set right toppled slippers even at the age of 1
I can remember how you would be sensitive to peace and harmony in humans around you though you didn’t had fully developed senses
Even though you are not now in 
Your real family after you have been abducted and taken away 1 year 3 months before this year Birthday
Even though we haven’t been lucky to
Give you a tiara
Of happy moments you deserve under outdated laws and legal system which is gender biased
But you have given us a plethora
Through your eyes
I see all new things
Through your hands
A new future I will shape
Through your heart I will live
Even after I pass away
But you are rising to the challenge I can see
I can see that you are growing up day by day
Which makes it the perfect time to convey
That we know you will always do the right thing
You… will always remain our darling be it near or far
Your life is now
Zipping by too fast
It is time to chase dreams
And let go of the past
You are now being flown
In a real frenzy
To see the best of life
And unravel your destiny
Even as you pick up speed
And begin to zoom away
Remember that as we will
Be there for you any day like a guiding star
At the times of dark clouds we will be the silver lining 
As I watch your favorite doll and teddy bear
Sit on your bed without a care
I am reminded of time when you were 2 years young and here with us
And all rhymes for you that  your Dadaji ( Grand Father ) & Dadiji ( Grand Mother ) sung for you
Now those charming days have been
Replaced with happier days, never before seen
As we watch you grow up so speedily
We wish you a happy birthday lovingly
 All this while I thought
That I was the one teaching you
But then I realized that
Your childhood taught me things so true
God picks special people
To give daughters to
I feel lucky that I’ve had
The chance to give birth to you
Those who get this opportunity
Are only a few
I am sure in your infancy
You don’t have any clue
But the day is not too far 
When you will start comprehending these words
And hidden meaning and the feeling and vibes of your real family 
No matter what Zodiac sign you are
Though you are same sign as me and Srijita & Samit Bhardwaj
You will always by our shining star
No matter wherever in life you go
Seeds of love, you will always sow
No matter how old you become
You will always remain our little one
No matter how much in life you accomplish
May you get more, is what we will always wish
A stroke of luck
A whiff of fresh air
A dash of color
Be present for your special day and the year ahead
A fragrance beautifully mild
Lots of shine and glitter
You bring these things to even others in your life
Like olive in a martini
Like cherry on a cake
Like cheese on a pizza
Wonderful our life, you make
Like a chocolate confetti
Like a delicious berry glaze
Like a fruity frosting
You never cease to amaze
Not only us but anyone around you
Your birthday has set me
Into a thinking spree
I can’t believe how
You’ve grown up so quickly
All this time I thought
That you were still small
Even though I could see you
Standing on your feet so tall
Now that I’ve accepted
That so much time has flown
I see you as a 3 year kid
Getting senses and beautifully grown
Whenever in life you need any help
Always remember that we are never too far
With you our life is intertwined forever 
When you were born
The Gods must have thought
Let’s give this wonderful little girl
To this family who will love her a lot
Which will make her feel like a princess 
Which will make a girl feel better than a boy
Which will pave way to zenith of success and 
Give all teaching and guidance in one roof to be a successful lady in life 
On your birthday today let’s celebrate
My dear daughter I want you to always remember
That I am always here, whenever you need me
My thoughts are coming true
You are growing up too quick
My time seems to be coming closer
It’s going tick-tock-tick
In no time you will go away
To pursue your ambitious goals
In the process you will definitely cross your father’s road and
That with your destiny is a sure thing
Watching you grow
Is like a reverie proven true
Teddy bears take over
In the birthday party of a little daughter
Friends take over
Her life when she is a teenager
But her intmates and we’ll wishers will always be there
To give her love, concern and care
In whichever phase of life she may be
Always at her side will be, her real family
Half of your friends try to be
Like some celebrity
But you are the one who is unique
Your individual style is what you seek
You are way above the rat race
Give the rest of them a good chase
I am sure you will prove your worth
I am proud to have given you birth
You will be the best
When you set the toppled things right
You will be the best
Even in your failures, when you stand tall
You were the best
Because you never left loving everyone
You wers the best
Even when you couldn’t cope
Keep being the best
As you grow older
Keep being the best
As you become bolder
You will always be the best
Is my belief so true
To the best daughter ever though 
Alienated from your father by none other than your own mother
May be false cases and 498a false allegations we’re not enough to satisfy her sick thoughts and scoring attitude
May be the heights if selfishness and self centered attitude was not enough even after depriving you from such a great upbringing you deserved 
I wish a happy birthday to you

Your Father 
Your Dadaji Dadiji Tauji Srijita Samit 
Bhardwaj’s your real family 
Happy 3rd birthday once again

Happy 3rd Birthday AAKRITA BHARDWAJ ( Nayeli ) आकृता भारद्वाज ( नायली )


7-7-17 AAKRITA BHARDWAJ ( NAYELI ) आकृता भारद्वाज ( नायली ) wish you a VERY HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY

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