Jaleb Shri Madho Rai Mandi Shivratri International Festival Mandi Himachal Himalayas by SDBWP for Curated Media TV on 25 Feb 2017

Mandi Shivratri International Fair 2017 Jaleb Procession at Stage near Indira Market .. Shot by SunDeep Bhardwaj World Productions SDBWP WORLD IS MY STUDIO http://wp.me/p8e2AE-8T for Curated Media TV only HD available online . Contact Curated Media TV for 4K UHD Aerial 360 Degree footage
Mandi Shivratri Festival
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JALEB / SHOBHA YATRA Shri Madho Rai ( Lord Vishnu ) & Lord Shiva Bhootnath Temples . Protector Diety of Mandi
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Dev Dhwani ( Bajantri ) A new Limca Book of Record to be set by District Administration and People of Mandi where this time 1700-2000 Artists ( Bajantri’s ) perform at a single place at same time.
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Dev Dhwani Event at Mandi Shivratri International Festival , A Limca Book Record set up in 2016 Mandi Shivratri International Fair to be broken this time with Artists ( Baijantri ) numbering between 1700-2000 performing at one place at one time & a new record to be set up again at same event and place in Mandi Himachal.
Shobha Yatra or Jaleb of Madho Rai ( Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva of the Bhootnath Temple, The Protector Diety of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh in Indian Himalayas 
Jaleb Event organised on date 25 Jan 2017 this time in morning from Madho Rai Temple through Indira Market Stage area to New Bridge and then forward to Paddal Grounds at Mandi Shivratri International Fair 2017
Dev Dhwani Mandi Shivratri – A Limca Book of Records event organised in 2016 to be re organised on 26 Jan 2017 in Mandi Himachal Himalayas where 1700-2000 Artists ( Bajantri’s ) perform at one place and time .

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Jaleb Shri Madho Rai Mandi Shivratri International Festival Mandi Himachal Himalayas by SDBWP for Curated Media TV on 25 Feb 2017

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Valentines Day Aukaat Special Video of Opportunist Girls वैलेंटाइन्स डे औकात विडियो ऑफ़ ओप्पोरचुनिस्ट गर्ल्स   Girls these days Aaj Kal Ki Mauka Parast Ladkyian In Video आजकल की मौकापरस्त लड़कियां इन विडियो Jarror Dekhein Subscribe Share Karen मस्ट सी , Do See , जरूर देखें


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