BILASPUR NALWARI MELA in 4k UHD KUSTI DANGAL 22MAR17 DANGAL watch online now in UHD Quality by SDBWP CuratedMediaTV ® All rights reserved 

Nalwadi Mela Bilaspur has reached its 126 th year in 2017 as one of the oldest traditional mela in Himachal Pradesh and a prestigious one for all people related. Even during British era the fair was organised and cattles were sold in Bilaspur.
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The location for event in Luhnu grounds in Biaspur District of Himachal in Northern India

Bilaspur is a start of Himalayan ranges of Hima;ayan arc of 2400 kms . Just as we take a route of New Delhi to Chandigarh and head towards Swarghat Bilaspur is right at the statrt of mountain ranges
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However a final film of the event is under production.

The footage here is just from Aerial cameras shot by #VijPilot at WAFA World Arial Films Authority at Jaipur Rajasthan India for Latent Himachal Poductions. This production is a part of collection of Himachal major event yet to be released with all 12 districts in mind. All rights reserved
Directed and Produced by sdbwm Curated Media TV
Arial shots by VijPilot for WAFA LHP
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