Friends Help Me In Configuring A Customised Desktop PC & Complete and Powerful Workstation.Asking Help from Hardware Geeks IT guys out there to Help me in best Hardware & Tech for a WORKSTATION in Power & Performance Category for professionals who edit 4k UHD 8k 360° VR 3D for a Independent Hollywood Bollywood or Parallel cinema & good for future 8k 3D 360 VR needs with a compatible 4k 31.5 or larger Display with 1-5 ms response and refresh rate of 120/144 hz or higher in my budget of INR 4 to 5 Lakhs or 6000 to 7000 dollars for SDB Power Studio & SDBWP™ SunDeep Bhardwaj World Productions ® and Curated Media TV Studios 

My Technically Expert friends IT & Hardware Geeks  from around the World and specially users of High Power & Performance Computer Desktops & Professional Video Editors working in Independent Parallel Cinema , Hollywood, Bollywood Studio Editors & New Media Professionals kindly give your feedback on this new Work Station I am configuring in India with Tech help assembly from Dell USA
I am pasting the email conversation. I had with Dell to give all configuration and info for Power & Performance Workstation I am about to order tomorrow morning to be delivered in Delhi or Jaipur office.
Hi , Expert Dell Tech,
As per my discussion with your Inside Sales Manager at Dell India , i have been referred to you as my requirement is of professional use and assembly configuration and compatibility of internal & external hard requires a expert knowledge. My requirement and expectations of Dell Workstation I customise and confiigure through DELL USA Experts is as below 
– Video and Film editing UHD 4k and 360 ° VR Video editing on future Adobe Premier Pro upgrades and Kolar Software for now ( 8k Video editing and a a future viability of 3D Animation and little Gaming Play with good response time of 1 ms and refresh rates as higher as 120 Hz minimum and higher of 144 Hz for future needs of 3D and Extreme gaming with some upgradation if required later however I am looking forward to make a workstation usefull for at least 5-7 years for my UHD 4K/8K editing similar to Dell Alienware I configured in 2007 for 4500 dollars and added 1500 dollars for a Full HD 42 Inches Samsung Display and now this year my budget is as follows 
For Workstation : 3,00,000 INR

For IPS 4k UHD HDR 3D TV MONITOR : 1,00,000
Together I am ready to shell out 4,00,000 INR Roughly 6000 USD for this Workstation System

Even if experts at Dell can guide me a better configuration in same budget of what I configured above with better intel seventh generation i7 or Xeon processor but in price range of E5v4 with minimum 10-12 cores or higher and lesser GPU video card ( Nvidea M4000 Not VR ready Also I may change it to Nvidea M5000 or newer Nvidea P4000 which is VR ready and good for gaming 3D Animation Graphics, 
I have choosen CPU as per what I saw in whitepapers of Intel for 4k UHD editing ajd I have used a much faster GPU for future 3D Gaming Graphics needs . But what comes out clear from the Intel suggestions is that we may not need that high a GPU of 8GB Quadro to get my work done with software’s mentioned above but may be a valuable addition for future needs of VR 3D
If in same budget a better system can be made it’s a great advise Dell Expert Tech can give me . If no issues with the configuration what I have decided then I am just enquiring about if display ports input on these LG models will take the right Response Time and Refresh Rate from output of Dell workstation configured. I am currently looking for Displays with 1ms refresh rate and 120 Hz or higher may be 144 Hz . If I get one available in India I go for one or I upgrade to a monitor with 1ms 144hz or higher in future. For now I may be fine with LG monitors at 60 Hz and 5 Ms response time. However still my workstation needs to meet the output via its DP ports 4 in the configuration or HDMI Pcie Thunderbolt card. All I need a CPU GPU supporting VR with 120 Hz or higher. The basic IPS Adobe RGB R2020 Settings and 4k remains same for most of high end monitors 
Important for me is if Mother board 
Added to my Dell Workstation in Configuration allready made will be good for upgrade in future years for  more demanding software’s for 8K 3D and 360 VR editing though for now my need is 4k UHD 360 VR video editing only for few years before I start 3D and more.
– Run Adobe Premier Pro , Avid Media Composer , Edius 4k , Adobe CC 2017 , Adobe Photoshop CS 6 , Da Vinci Resolve for colour grading and post processing of UHD footage and 360 VR footage on Kolar without any limitations or lags 
I have configured this system below through DELL USA Tech Support and specs is as below 
Dell Precision Tower 5810 XCTO 
1 Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v4 (10C, 2.2GHz, 3.1GHz Turbo, 2133MHz, 25MB, 85W
1 No Dell Tera2 Remote Access host card for the Wyse P25 Zero Client
1 Boot drive or boot volume is less than 2TB
1 Dell Precision Tower 5810 825W TPM, BW
1 64GB (4x16GB) 2400MHz DDR4 RDIMM ECC
1 No Media Card Reader
1 500GB 3.5inch Serial ATA (7,200 Rpm) Hard Drive Fixed Precision Workstation
***** May change it to 8TB Raid 1
2 No Additional Hard Drive
1 500GB 3.5inch Serial ATA (7,200 Rpm) Hard Drive
1 Integrated Intel AHCI chipset SATA controller (6 x 6.0Gb/s) – SW RAID 0/1/5/10
1 Heatsink for single CPU T5810
1 8x Slimline DVD+/-RW Drive
1 Power Cord (India/Pakistan)
1 Chassis Intrusion Switch
1 Display Not Included
1 NVIDIA Quadro M4000 8GB (4 DP) (1 DP to SL-DVI adapter)
***** May consider changing it to M5000 which is VR Ready 

Or Latest P4000 which is VR ready also.
1 Internal Speaker
1 External Speaker Not Included
1 Thunderbolt PCIe card
1 No Additional Network Card Selected (Integrated NIC included)
1 Dell USB Optical Mouse – Black
1 Dell Entry Keyboard KB216 Black for US International (English)
1 Dell Developed Recovery Environment
1 SupportAssist
1 C1 SATA 3.5 Inch, 1-2 Hard Drives
1 RAID 1
1 Dell Precision Resource DVD
1 Cyberlink Software for Windows 8/10 without media
1 Windows 10 Pro (64bit) English
1 Windows 10 Pro OS Recovery 64bit – DVD
1 No Productivity Software
1 Intel vPro Technology Enabled
1 Dell Applications
1 McAfee Small Business Security 30 Day Free Trial
1 3Yr ProSupport: Next Business Day Service (Parts+Labor)
1 ProSupport: 7×24 Technical Support & Assistance: 3Yr
1 No Dell ProSupport for Software, No DDPE Encryption SW

I am ignoring iMac and iPad pro as currently these systems can’t take my 4k UHD 3D 360 VR Work flow and seems my Old Dell Alienware I configured in 2007 needs a change now thought I shelled out 4500 dollars for machine and another 1500 dollars for Samsung that time my total budget was also 6000 USD with another 6000 USD for Canon 5D Mark 2 and 2 L series lenses which now I upgraded to Canon 5D Mark 4 . Now with UHD 4k results to deliver in my assignments  I need more power and performance may be of 12 Core and higher Processor with Nvidea Quadro and RAID THUNDERBOLT with a great Refresh Rate & Response time monitor of 31.5 inches or more with all 10 bit colou I need. Even my DJI Drone now outputs Full HD at 120 Fps and 4k so even highest configured Mac Pro is not my cup of tea as I may be spending around 10,000 dollars plus and I am not a Apple user from core. I am a Windows user for all my life only iPad iPod had been my favourite products however now One Plus 3T I bought recently seems to take the cake away from Apple Samsung etc. and feel I am more comfortable with Android market and Google Play for one or two exceptions I still use my iPad. Regarding 4k All my equipment family be it DJI PHANTOM 4 , Pro & Canon 5D Mark 4 or even my OP3 Mobile all shoot in 4k and my Satellite TV Tata Sky also braodcasts in 4k though content is really less. But I see great future for 8K 4K 360 VR  in future all over Media Entertainment industry with Facebook YouTube allready ahead than TV 
Intel recommends this for 4k workstation
[PDF] Hardware Performance Guide: Serious 4K Editing – Intel › documents › guides
For now hey I have configured is on a fixed budget of what I could put in best from the hardware available at Dell Chennai India Assemble Facility . I wished to put the latest 7th generation E7 V4 but they are two expensive for a Wedding Studio work . I chose E5 V4 as they were only available in Dell India . In case i can fit in a better and latest Xeon processor of similar cost as E5v4 but from 7th generation kindly guide.
My main question is if this  Workstation which I configured with Dell and Configuration given above can be combined and perfectly get compatible with LG Displays mentioned  below and which of two is better for my workflow and advantage of one display over other keeping Dell computer configuration in mind & it’s Xeon processor power and GPU power and Refresh rate and Frames per second output in mind with these monitors which are my only choices in India at present . If anything else than these avilable to me in India can be suggested I am open to it. However to best of my knowledge these two are best available options with me right now .
To combine this above Dell Workstation with a LG 4k UHD HDR Display TV ( LG product 1 link below ) or LG 4K Monitor ( LG product 2 link below )
LG product 1 ( preferred as it has TV features too and latest features and has 4k desplay too but UHD resolution and 4k engine and limit of only HDMI ports )
 LG Product 2 ( it’s a monitor has native 4k resolution and Mini Display Port with HDMI )
My favourite choice is to buy a LG UHD HDR 4K Engine Display TV over a 4k native resolution Monitor only choice as in LG Product 2 mentioned   above as it gives me advantage of TV too and get a decent 4k editing  workflow done too. Moreover I see a array of features in TV than in LG monitor making it a a clear choice   with one.Gadget making 2 needs fulfilled and saving space in my work area
However the LG display TV I am  planning to buy has a resolution of UHD not 4k but it has 4k engine so can I still go ahead with it and will my graphic card in Dell and it’s processor be compatible with the 4 DP ports Thunderbolt HDMI  configurations but only HDMI input in this LG TV . If this TV can’t harness the power of CPU GPU in my DELL and output it well to LG TV should the LG Monitor be better choice ?????? 
*****This is what is most important help Dell experts can give me . I may.placing order tomorrow morning for Dell Desktop and Even LG monitor . 
Dell does not have a similar Monitor avilable in India so choosing avilable LG options.
Thanks and Regards 
SunDeep Bhardwaj
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On Feb 27, 2017 14:02, <> wrote:
Hi Sir,
Kindly suggest how can we fix the connectivity without any effect on the display and proc speed.
******  It’s Dell 7810 XCTO kindly note as in configuration mentioned above with Intel Xeon E5v4 and Nvidea Quadro 4000 and 64 GB RAM and RAID STORAGE 1 , THUNDERBOLT PCIe CARDS
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2017 12:41 PM

To: ‘’ <>

Subject: FW: Address of SunDeep Bhardwaj in Delhi for quote regarding Dell Precision 7810 PC

Hi Mr Sundeep,
I was trying to reach you any update. Please let me know once you are free.

Inside sales Account Manager
Well friend do suggest and advise as per your expert knowledge here in comments or in inbox .
Good day ahead to you all

Help me friends to configure or purchase a Pre A Branded Desktop PC from Dell or others
I need to purchase this work station this week.
IT / Computer / Hardware Desktop PC Experts and professional Film/Video/Photo/Graphic editors in my facebook friends kindly suggest and recommend me the best shop , company & place nearby Delhi Jaipur or Chandigarh cities with contacts of relevant person.Highly aporeciated. Do send email or just mark a private message.
Pre Configured Branded Desktop PC by Dell or others 
Or Customised or Configured with great Power and Performance in a Desktop 
With these configurations for intended use of Film/Video editing  ( UHD 4K , 360 ° VR on Adobe Premier Pro / Edius4k / AVID 4K ) Photo editing ( ADOBE CC2017, CS6 ,Lightroom )
High End Professional Video/Film and Photo/ Graphics editing of 4k UHD content ( And future use of 8K Video UHD editing ) on software’s like 
– Adobe Premier Pro

– Adobe CC 2017

– Adobe CS 6

– Adobe 

– Adobe Lightroom

– Da Vinci Code

– Adobe After Effects

– Cyberlink Power Director

– AVID Media Composer 
The hardware inside the work station I am looking for is :
1) CPU with Intel Xeon or i7 7000K or other High End Intel only Processors  from this list,93794,93814,93811,94189,94188,94196,94456
Any one from 8 Options I have choosen considering the processor price and my budget 
2) GPU preferably with Nvedia only Quadro Series or GTX 1080 series with 8GB Memory or higher 
3) A Great Chassis similar to Coolpad or Classy Gaming Laptops like Alienware or MSI Aegis series on a budget 
4) All kinds of ports
– HDMI ( Minimum 3 or more )
– USB 3.0 three or more 
– RJ 45 connector 
– ESata ports 3 or more
– IF possible to have PCI Express 
– Headphone 3.5 mm
– Microphone Sterio Input 
5 ) UHD Blue Ray 
6) 4K UHD / HDR Video support 
7) 360 ° VR Immersive Videos support 
8) If possible to get configuration which can be helpful even in future needs of editing a 8k 8/10/12 bit UHD video 
9) sRGB Colour R2020 Support
10) Cooling Fans 
11) VR port for Virtual Reality connections 
12) A Great and compatible Mother Board 
13) A Great and compatible Sound Card 7.1 or ( If possible to upgrade later to  22.1 channels later )
14) A Great Video Card
15) A Curved 4k/5k ( or even 8k ) UHD Display with PPI of 192 ppi  or more in sizes 27 inches or 28 inches or 32 inches or 36 inches to max
16) Preferable and Touch Display with 10 Point Touch system
17 ) Best Colour Callibration in Monitor for HRD UHD Photo Editing 
19) Back Up Power 
20) Multiple Display Minimum 3 Support 
21) RAM 32 GB or more Preferably 64 GB or more unless it is way beyond budget 
22 ) A complete Work Station with Power and Performance for Professional Video Editing and High End Software’s
Even I was considering not powerful Desktop like one above but a All in One like 
Microsoft Surface Studio Released Dec 2016 Launched Jan 2017 .. May be available in India ..Does anyone know where can I buy this one ?
iMac 2017 ( last released and updated in 2015 last quarter ) 2017 release of iMac new version is awaited Worldwide 
I can also think of upgrading or buying a new Alienware I used the Alienware M15x for almost 5 years with High End Extreme processors Great Gaming N VEDIA cards , Blue Ray Burner and Road Turbo Thunderbolt technologies earlier.
Really mixed up with what I finally should purchase. What is on my mind is here in this post .
It’s been a while I haven’t published on Facebook as I need to built up a new system for my needs in 2017 time to say goodbye to Alienware now
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